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Morning traffic on Bay/Ringwood/Marsh/Middlefield

From: domainremoved <Kate>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 17:49:25 +0000

Dear Council members;
Unless I'm mistaken, no one on the Council lives east of El Camino, so you're probably unaware of the morning traffic situation in the Suburban Park/Lorelei Manor/Flood Triangle area. Marsh and Middlefield have always been congested in the mornings, but there were usually ebbs and flows, and days that were more manageable than others. Bay and Ringwood have historically not been too bad; a bit of a backup at the 4-way stop and busy getting by Laurel & M-A, but manageable. This year it's completely out of control, and short of a couple of hypotheses, my neighbors and I can't figure out why.
Since school started — this may have been going on all summer, but we wouldn't have been out and about to be aware of it — traffic has been backing up at the Bay/Ringwood 4-way stop all the way to Suburban Park, and sometimes nearly to Marsh Road. Marsh Road westbound is likewise backed up to Bay Road, and Middlefield is nearly impassable. I've been forced to find a circuitous route that takes us almost to the RWC border and back again to get my son to Hillview, and this crazy route gets us there much, much faster than if we took our customary route through Menlo Park. This morning, it took me almost 20 minutes to drive my daughter to M-A ~ from Suburban Park! That's a 5-minute drive at most, in mid-day conditions.
I don't know what's going on — whether people are getting off the freeway early and taking surface streets to Facebook, or if there's another reason for this dramatic spike in traffic — but I and many other residents on this side of town would be appreciative of some insight and amelioration. It's hard enough (and getting harder every day), to drive around Menlo Park, but when you're trapped in your neighborhood and have no option but to sit in horrible traffic in order to get where you need to be in the morning, then something's gone seriously awry. I shudder to think what will happen when the planned office developments on El Camino, on Alma behind the train station, and on the Sunset site are built; I fear that the huge increase in the number of cars coming into town in the morning and leaving in the evening will literally break our already overloaded roads, but that's a topic for another email. For now, if someone can help all of us in the SuPark.Lorelei/Flood quadrant by looking into what the heck is going on with this traffic, we'd be very appreciative.
Thanks much,
Kate KennedySuburban Park
Received on Mon Sep 14 2015 - 10:48:08 PDT

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