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Ravenswood Ave/Alma Intersection

From: domainremoved <Allison>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 17:37:43 -0700

Dear Council Members,

We attended the Transportation Commission meeting last Wednesday and want
to express our agreement with the removal of the right turn barrier at Alma
St. While it does not completely make the intersection safer, it's a good

Based on what we heard at the meeting, it seems that the Transportation
Department is focusing on collecting data on cars on the tracks, not the
increased traffic that is causing major bottle necking on Ravenswood Ave
from El Camino to Laurel Ave. It is our hope that data is also being
collected on the traffic patterns. Not only did the barrier cause an
increase in the volume of cars and more danger to cars crossing the train
tracks, it has also caused more cars to sit in the cross walk, creating
more danger to pedestrians and bicyclists. (see the attached photo taken
last Friday at 3:30 pm; we see this on a daily basis during the
afternoon/evening commute). Because of the increased traffic on Ravenswood
Ave, we have also seen an increase in traffic in the right turn lane on El
Camino, leading to Ravenswood Ave going east.

We strongly feel that the putting the barrier on Ravenswood was not the
solution to make the intersection safer. However, it has given us valuable
information to look at as the discussion continues on the grade separation
project, as Commission Chair, Bianca Walser, also mentioned at the meeting.
It is widely known that the residents of Menlo Park are opposed to any
elevation of the train tracks. Therefore, that leaves the option of closing
Alma in order to complete the grade separation. We now have first hand
knowledge of the consequences of closing Alma completely. There will be
more traffic on El Camino and Ravenswood Ave, as well as more traffic
through the Laurel St neighborhoods. It could also make Alma St north of
Ravenswood a ghost town with businesses leaving because of inaccessibility.

We understand the safety of the community is paramount and we don't want
to lose site on the ultimate objective. We still feel a traffic signal at
the intersection would be the best solution. Yes, it may take a lot of
planning and coordination with different agencies such as Caltrain and
Caltrans, and there is a significant cost. However, Because it's not easy
to do, should that be a reason not to do it at all? Instead we are still
going down the path of a possible grade separation project that will cost
over $150 million dollars that would take years to complete, and that will
deter businesses from the area and make our traffic problem through Menlo
Park much worse. A traffic light would cost much less, create a much safer
intersection for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. It would ease the
traffic congestion on El Camino, Ravenswood, and through the Laurel St.
neighborhoods, and it would allow the businesses on Alma St. to thrive. We
hope you will take this into consideration as the discussions move forward
on the intersection.

Thank you for your time and commitment to making our city safer.

Scott Norton
AXIS Personal Trainers

Allison Allen
Managing Director
AXIS Personal Trainers

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Received on Sun Sep 13 2015 - 17:36:40 PDT

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