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Aircraft noise

From: domainremoved <Naomi>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 15:13:54 -0700

City Council;

What is the City Council doing to address the recent increase in aircraft noise over our city? I live directly under the MENLO waypoint, which is where jets now start a steep descent to about 4,000 feet to land at SFO. The noise is so bad that even with the windows closed, it interferes with normal conversation, TV programs, and sleep. The frequency is as much as every 2 minutes during the peak evening hours, and there are flights that arrive at midnight and 5 AM that often wake me up. The increased noise level and frequency of flights is a direct result of changes to flight paths implemented by the FAA this year.

A Palo Alto resident monitored noise levels for 24 hours per day for several days and found that the increase in noise levels violates the FAA's own rules and is a significant impact: http://www.tcracs.org/CPNA/Some_Quantitative_Measurements_of_Aircraft_Overflight_Noise_in_Palo_Alto.tcr.150812.pdf

Please consider joining Palo Alto and Anna Eshoo in urging the FAA to reverse or modify the recent flight path changes to move flights on the approach to SFO out over the bay.

Naomi Goodman
897 Woodland Ave
Received on Thu Sep 03 2015 - 15:12:50 PDT

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