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Thank you! Now let's talk about Menlo Park's Core Values

From: domainremoved <Cindy>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 23:47:12 +0000


Hello Council Members-

Thank you for conducting a study session to consider the potential impacts and feasibility of installing buffered and/or protected bicycle lanes on ECR. I am hopeful we move forward with a 1-year trial so people can experience what we can now only imagine. ECR has tremendous potential to serve our community as more than an unpleasant vehicular thoroughfare. Our restaurants and retail shops on ECR could be so much more accessible and inviting to patronize if we improve the ECR user experience. We have an opportunity to rejuvenate some of the valuable street real estate to make room for and protect those who choose to ride bicycles and prioritize walking.

It is time to elevate the conversation in Menlo Park and the region. The issue is not about cars v. bikes, it's about sustainability, healthy mobility, equity and safety. We need to move from congestion and contention to real solutions. It's time we embrace a new vision of multi-modality and complete streets so we can all enjoy what Menlo Park has to offer. The Bicycle and Transportation Commissions have explored and recommended policies we need to update and adopt in order to create a functional transportation system where our roadways are safe for everyone and the bicycling and walking experiences are delightful.

I believe it's also time for us to do some soul searching and identify our core values as a community and as a city. Then we can move forward to preserve and enhance those core values for future generations.

It seems unlikely that people knowingly support or are content with:

    * 71% of our trips being taken with one person alone in a vehicle
    * 60% of our pollution being caused by transportation
    * 80% of traffic passing through, not coming to Menlo Park
    * health issues linked to sedentary lifestyles and collision/injury ratings so high they've become public health hazards

On June 1, Jeff Tumlin presented to Menlo Park's Bicycle and Transportation Commissions. His presentation was the best explanation I have yet heard about why Menlo Park is such a special place to live, and how we can continue to improve the quality of life our residents enjoy. Transportation impacts every aspect of our lives. Small, relatively inexpensive changes can reap enormous benefits for residents and local businesses alike. Similarly, we can learn from the experiences of other California cities to make wise policy choices that preserve the essential qualities of Menlo Park while positioning the city to benefit as our transportation systems adapt to new technologies.

I invite you and your constituents to take the time to watch or listen to the presentation and Q&A discussion so we can all move forward with a common basis of information. http://menlopark.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=6&clip_id=1327

I look forward to constructive dialog, visioning and leadership with all of you on this most pressing issue.


Cindy Welton

Received on Thu Aug 27 2015 - 16:45:53 PDT

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