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For bike lanes on El Camino Real in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Rachel>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 01:13:15 -0400

Dear Honorable Mayor Carlton and Menlo Park City Council Members:

I am writing to support the addition of protected bike lanes on El Camino Real in Menlo Park. My husband, toddler and I just moved here from Palo Alto, where we were able to get by with just one car and two bicycles. We loved that flexibility! Without a bike lane on El Camino Real, we do not feel that it is safe enough to bike with our son in his bike seat. Cars simply do not give bicyclists the space they need without a protected lane.

In addition to the safety and bike-friendly lifestyle a bike lane on El Camino would provide for our little family, the impact would ripple out to the entire community and anyone who commutes through Menlo Park. Additional benefits include the following:

1. SAFETY! Adding protected bike lanes on El Camino Real would help to prevent collisions and create a safer roadway for people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.

2. Bike lanes appeal to everyone. Protected bike lanes would encourage more people to try biking as a transportation choice, as well as feel more comfortable walking on El Camino Real to access destinations, thus contributing to decreased auto congestion. It's a green choice!

3. Adding a third traffic lane would induce traffic demand, increasing existing auto congestion. I speak for many people when I say I don't want Menlo Park to just be a city people commute through. I want it to warm and welcoming, encouraging people to get out of their cars, explore, and talk to others.

4. Bikes mean business: adding bike infrastructure increases retail sales, foot traffic, and employee productivity. And as a result, it makes Menlo Park and more lively and friendly place to spend time.

5. There is a lack of appropriate parallel routes for bicycling and these routes do not provide direct access to businesses on El Camino Real. The bike bridge to Palo Alto is helpful but it discourages business for the business off of El Camino.

Ultimately, would you take a weekend bike ride with your family or commute to work on El Camino given the current biking space? I'm guessing not. I urge you to think of the current and future needs of this community and set the example for the rest of the Peninsula, by choosing safety and accessibility for all people and adding protected bike lanes to El Camino Real. With Menlo Park’s Planning, Bike and Transportation Commissions all voting for bike lanes and the positive public survey results, the choice should be easy.

Thank you,

Rachel Hochstetler
510 Oak Grove Ave
Apartment B
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Aug 25 2015 - 22:11:35 PDT

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