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Questions to consider...

From: domainremoved <Debbie>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 17:14:43 -0700

As you contemplate the proposed options for El Camino, please consider
these questions:

1. If we put our north/south bicycle lanes on El Camino, what bike lanes
will bicyclists connect to in Palo Alto and in Atherton? [Answer: there are
none on El Camino!] Why not put our bike lanes along Alma to connect
seamlessly with the path on Alma in Palo Alto? This is a matter that should
be coordinated across cities. We aren't an island!!

2. Do we really believe the report showing traffic will DECREASE if we
install bike lanes? If so, WHERE do you think that traffic will go? It
certainly doesn't just disappear! It will either go to:

- Menlo Park residential streets
- Middlefield Rd
- Highway 101 (the least likely, I'd say)

Which are you betting on?

3. If you opt for bike lanes on El Camino, which I am not in favor of,
could you at least TEST it in a non-invasive way -- much like the painted
bike lanes now on Santa Cruz Ave? Then we'd get to see the traffic impacts
before making the decision permanent.

Thank you,

Debbie Hall
1245 Hillview Drive, Menlo Park
Received on Mon Aug 24 2015 - 17:12:54 PDT

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