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El Camino Third Lane

From: domainremoved <Barrett>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 16:22:42 -0700

Dear City Council,

First, thank you for everything you do.

Second, I am writing to urge you to mind the logic of the traffic studies, and the pleas of all of us in Menlo Park that would love to have increased business, pedestrians, safety and community on El Camino by dedicating a lane to encouraging people to be out of their cars, on bikes.

I walk on El Camino a lot, very few others do, mostly I think because it is frightening and unpleasant. I wish I could ride my bike along El Camino, without hoping on and off the sidewalks, behind buildings, in alleys and parking lots to avoid any chance of me having to fight for space with a car.

I wish I could shake the feeling that I am irresponsible for letting my high school aged sons battle there way to and from MA each day.

Cars will fill as many lanes as you give them, this is what we know from traffic studies. Why not try making it easier for us to get out of our cars? Good for community, good for business, good for Menlo Park.


Barrett Moore
Received on Mon Aug 24 2015 - 16:21:26 PDT

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