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Please support a 3-lane El Camino in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Sandra>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 00:05:23 -0700

Hello City Council members,

I hope this email makes it to you. I'm writing to ask you support a 3-lane
El Camino in downtown Menlo Park. I'm aware of studies which show that
adding a lane of traffic may not help traffic times, but I hope that the
Council would take care to find studies about traffic and bottlenecks since
our case is about adding a lane to remove a 3-to-2 lane bottleneck
versus, say, widening El Camino to 4 lanes. There are many studies
observing what creates traffic. A minor bottleneck on the freeway can cause
traffic, so it should be no surprise that Menlo Park is a similar
bottleneck for our area. And we have to accept that between Palo Alto and
Stanford and cost of living here, we are going to have to deal with and
support commuters better for the sake of our residents.

I have many Atherton friends and colleagues who drive home northbound via
El Camino and turn left on Middle Avenue to cross over to Santa Cruz and
then Valparaiso via the residential streets towards Olive. As an Allied
Arts resident, I commute with many (probably Menlo Park residents) who cut
up Cambridge to drive University through downtown Menlo Park. All of these
folks are avoiding the painfully slow trudge up El Camino as a result of
the 3-to-2 lane bottleneck.

We're grateful for some of the improvements near the library and train
tracks which have addressed some of the safety concerns. Incidentally that
is also aggravated by the bottleneck of losing a lane on El Camino. Plenty
of people who have road raged down El Camino get super frustrated at people
not moving across the train tracks quickly enough.

So please consider reverting El Camino back to 3-lanes in light of the
increased commuter traffic impact on residents and our safety.

Sandra Liu Huang
324 Princeton Road
Received on Mon Aug 24 2015 - 00:03:49 PDT

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