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Closure of Chestnut Street

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:22:40 +0000

Dear Council:

I've been a resident of the area since 1977 and manage Menlo Station at 700 and 800 El Camino. We have all witnessed the growth in traffic in the area and particularly the congestion of El Camino Real. Anything which further slows the traffic in the area is detrimental both in terms of wasted energy and needless delays. This must be considered carefully as you review the El Camino plans in front of you-and please remember that this decision is being made before we feel the impact of the 10,000 new car trips a day from the new hospital at Stanford-if memory serves me, 52% of this traffic will be going through Menlo Park.

However, the real purpose of my correspondence is to say that the closure of Chestnut Street is probably the worst thing that could be done to circulation in downtown Menlo Park. It has been the only way to go safely north from Menlo Avenue to Santa Cruz Avenue as the intersection of Chestnut and Santa Cruz is protected by stop signs in all directions. Denying that safe route pushes cars onto adjacent streets or to University where there is a traffic light. Every car that cannot traverse downtown will end up on Middle Avenue and Valparaiso. Getting out of Safeway already requires taking your life into your hands and as a resident of a cul de sac which adjoins Valparaiso, I can attest to the ever increasing traffic there. Please understand that this short section of Chestnut street is far better used for parking and traffic than as a "paseo" to please some planner!

Thank you for your consideration.

David Wollenberg

David A. Wollenberg
The Cortana Corporation
650-325-7600 x 101
Received on Thu Aug 20 2015 - 15:20:46 PDT

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