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El Camino

From: domainremoved <Pat>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 22:50:51 -0700

Council Members:

The Daily Post article quoting someone from Menlo Park saying "more lanes
will bring more traffic" was puzzling, to say the least.


What is creating more traffic is all the new development, with even more
planned along El Camino.


I frequently drive to your city: hair salon, doctors, shopping, restaurants,
Flegel's, Oriental Carpet. You have a great downtown! But it's a challenge
getting there because El Camino narrows from 3 lanes to 2. It's frustrating,
and I often see drivers squeezing out of the right lane at the last minute
to get out of the right turn only lanes.


Traffic is like water: clog the main artery and it will find easier paths to
flow through. Not good for residential neighborhoods.


You might be interested in what happened when Palo Alto narrowed Arastradero
Road several years ago. According to data from the city, car traffic on
Maybell-a narrow residential street one block north, with no
sidewalks-increased 24%! Maybell is a "safe route to school" for 4 schools,
so while Palo Alto made Arastradero more bicycle friendly, it made Maybell
more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.


It makes no sense to increase dense development while narrowing the main
artery. Please keep El Camino traffic flowing to spare the neighborhoods.
Put bike lanes on streets that connect with Palo Alto bike routes. Keep
everyone safe!


Thank you,

            Pat Marriott

Received on Wed Aug 19 2015 - 22:49:20 PDT

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