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Bike Lanes on El Camino Real

From: domainremoved <Edward>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 17:53:11 -0700

Dear City Council:


I am a resident of Menlo Park (since 1993) and a bicyclist that commutes
daily via Caltrain to SF for numerous years. Based on that you might
expect me to push for Option 3, get rid of parking and ad a buffered bike
lane along El Camino.


I'm actually in favor of Option 1, and if not Option 4. Here's the simple
reason why: We all know El Camino is a state highway and as such is a very
congested thoroughfare. It's a very hazardous bike route. Establishing a
buffered bike lane along the short section of El Camino that lies within the
City of Menlo Park's boundaries would appear to be a wonderful solution to
bicyclists, but that is pretty useless (and short sighted) if our
neighboring communities don't have such lanes. Furthermore we will be
creating an impediment to autos as they attempt to enter and exit El Camino.
The last thing Menlo Park or our neighboring communities need is to create
impediments to traffic flow by putting bicyclists in their path. We've now
also created a more dangerous situation for bicyclists since we've
encouraged them to bike along a busy thoroughfare with crossing traffic.


I'm in favor of working with our neighbors to facilitate the flow of
traffic. Last I looked most residents of Menlo Park drive cars and would
enjoy a less congested roadway. It would be best to have 3 lanes of traffic
each way all along our section of El Camino.


I would prefer to see additional bicycle lanes established along secondary
roads where it is much safer. Just me but a state highway is not a place to
encourage bicycle riding.

Ed Rivera, S.E., President
Rivera Consulting Group, Inc.
201 Mission Street, Suite 280
San Francisco, CA 94105
P 415.975.5502
F 415.357.9806

Received on Wed Aug 19 2015 - 17:54:17 PDT

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