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Bike lanes and other parking issues

From: domainremoved <Bruce>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2015 16:59:30 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council members,

My understanding is that Menlo Park employs one or more staff members whose
job is to encourage business in Menlo Park so our sales tax revenue
increases. Are these business development staff members working at cross
purposes to the staff members who are trying to eliminate automobile travel
and parking in the downtown Menlo Park area? These staff members are
proposing to eliminate a traffic lane in favor of a bike lane from
Valparaiso to the creek. This will only reduce shopping in Menlo Park.


El Camino Real through Menlo Park is currently too congested, and this plan
would make this worse. A few commuters ride bicycles, but the number of
these bikers is much less than the number of people who go in or out of
Menlo Park to work, shop, or go to school via their cars. The car drivers
have few alternatives: The only exits south from the center of town are at
Middlefield, El Camino Real, and Oak. The congestion on El Camino
encourages them to take residential streets as much as possible. Bicycle
riders have multiple alternatives: if going to Stanford, take residential
streets to Oak or the San Mateo Drive bike bridge or if going to downtown
Palo Alto, take Alma or Laurel to the bike bridge at Alma. These bike
routes are much safer than El Camino (even with the bike lane) and also do
not reduce the numbers of cars that can go through the city. The bridges
are called 'bike bridges' for a reason. Let's use them when we bike.


It also makes sense to use current bike routes for biking between Oak Knoll
School or Hillview School and the east side of Menlo Park. Many years ago,
Middle Avenue was designated as a safe route for bicycles (Look for the
signs on Middle). The bikers can take Middle across El Camino at the signal
by Safeway and then go through the Big Five parking lot to Ravenswood. Then
it's on to Alma for the rest of the ride. When the development is complete,
they can take the bike tunnel at the new plaza. This makes much more sense
than having students bike down Santa Cruz Avenue to Fremont and then get
dumped into the downtown traffic on Oak Grove, Santa Cruz, or Menlo Avenues.
These bikers could take Fremont over to Middle for a safe ride but if they
do this, why not have them take Middle the whole way.


The city planners on the city staff seem to have too much time on their
hands and keep coming up with these odd ideas. Let's reduce the number of
city planners and instead the city council make common sense decisions for
Menlo Park. You were elected because you were bright and had knew the city.
Don't let the professionals talk you into poor choices for the city.

Best regards,

Anita Ochieano

1795 Stanford Avenue


Received on Wed Aug 19 2015 - 16:57:33 PDT

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