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Closure of Chestnut. etc

From: domainremoved <Kay>
Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2015 16:31:48 -0700

I have lived in downtown MP for 15 years. It has become increasingly more
difficult and dangerous to walk and drive in our downtown area. The
closure of Chestnut at Santa Cruz takes the cake, though, for the dumbest
move by our city council.

You have taken out six more parking spaces. I have heard our town compared
to Mountain View and the dining outdoors. What you forget is that MV built
several parking garages, so there was a place for the customers to park.
Removing parking spaces is self-defeating without providing other places
for people to park. There are some businesses there at Chestnut that
greatly have their access to emergency services reduced because of the

Chestnut is the only place in the middle of downtown where one can safely
make left turns. Yesterday, I turned left (south) onto Santa Cruz from
Crane with great difficulty. In addition to worrying about the people
already driving on Santa Cruz, you have to worry about someone turning
right from Crane onto Santa Cruz because the streets do not line up. Then
there is the crosswalk at Santa Cruz and Crane that also is something that
a driver has to be aware of when making that turn.

Another problem that I see a lot is restaurants taking up so much of the
sidewalk. The Refuge, on Crane, often has tables and chairs taking up most
of the level part of the sidewalk. I have seen people in motorized
wheelchairs and mothers pushing strollers have to go into the street to get
around the tables in front of The Refuge. LBSteak has taken over much of
the sidewalk on University Ave and there is rarely anyone sitting at those
tables. Again, it is hard for strollers and handicapped people to make it
past their intrusion on the sidewalk.

Putting in a "Paseo" on Chestnut is not going to draw people to downtown,
in my opinion. Easy parking and good restaurants that stay open at night
will draw customers. For retail business people in town, you have made it
harder for their customers, not easier.

Kay Pauling
Received on Tue Aug 18 2015 - 16:30:19 PDT

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