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What It Takes To Make Menlo Park Truly Bike-Friendly.

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 15:01:33 -0700

Menlo Park City Council:

Your public review of the El Camino Real Corridor Study on August 25 is an
especially important milestone for you and all Menlo Park residents as both
the results of the feasibility phase and what future actions should be
taken (and funded) will be considered. I believe the additional spending
required to estimate potential bike usage, prepare an environmental report,
and develop both plans and a budget for the implementation of one of the
bike facility alternatives was included in an earlier budget and estimate
that more than $200,000 remains unspent. I continue to oppose the addition
of dedicated bike facilities on El Camino and propose the City shifts its
attention to investing in solutions that address more critical problems in
our community bike network, ones clearly identified in the city’s
comprehensive bike plan (2004) and the Specific Plan (2012). These are the
need for greater east-west connectivity and downtown access, rather than a
north-south bike corridor of questionable value, appeal, and safety. I have
published research and analyses on my website (www.reimaginemenlopark.com
<http://www.reimaginemenloparl.com>) that support my position and have
enclosed a proposal for an alternative solution that would benefit many
more cyclists than bike facilities on El Camino, could be implemented much
sooner; depends less on Caltrans’ support, budgets and schedules; and would
likely attract greater community support and less resistance. It is
noteworthy that I have already performed the potential cyclist usage
analysis that W-Trans would provide and determined that few adult cyclists
would choose El Camino over less stressful alternatives. and it would
remain unsuitable for elementary and middle school children, the largest
group of bike riders.

I* believe the arguments offered in support of bike facilities on El Camino
are extremely weak and encourage you to carefully evaluate the actual value
and trade-offs that exist rather than rely on popular platitudes.
Unsupported claims about significant increased bike usage and safety,
reduced vehicle traffic, and less auto emissions are unacceptable
substitutes for persuasive facts, reasonable assumptions and sound logic.
Unfortunately, these essential elements of "critical thinking" have been
painfully absent in the workshops and planning sessions I have attended.*

I again invite you to discuss, at your convenience, all my findings and
recommendations and note that surprisingly my prior offers have generally
been ignored by the City Council, and this unresponsiveness adds to my

Dana Hendrickson


Re-Imagine Menlo Park


(image/jpeg attachment: my-signatures.jpg)

Received on Mon Aug 17 2015 - 15:00:31 PDT

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