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Bike Lanes on El Camino

From: domainremoved <Paul>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 22:40:38 -0700

Dear City Council,

I have lived in Menlo Park for over 30 years. I bike a lot. On average
six days a week for an hour or more. In the 30 years, I have almost
never biked on El Camino. Why? There are far better options to going
north or south than being on a very busy road with too many
intersections, too many stop lights, too many cars and too many cars
turning in front of you.

It's faster and safer to take Alma or Laurel or even Middlefield
depending on where in Menlo Park you start and where you are going.

While I'm sympathetic to folks transversing Menlo Park, I'm a bit
selfish in thinking that money being spent by Menlo Park should be spent
to help the residents. None of us will ever ride a bike all the way up
or down El Camino. Most people hit it from the middle and then go
either north or south or avoid it as much as possible. How many of the
people who bike down El Camino now are residents?

So while I'm fully in favor of increased bike lanes and safety, I
question if adding them to El Camino is wise use of money. Would that
money be better spent on bike lanes for quieter, less traveled roads
that parallel El Camino.

As a driver in Menlo Park, I am increasingly frustrated with the time it
takes to get from point A to point B and all the darn stop lights and
stop signs. Will these bike lanes and protected curbs increase the time
it takes to get down El Camino? The study I see references to talk
about decreasing the amount of traffic on El Camino. I take that to
mean slowing it down which will only lead to longer trips and more cars
on the side streets as they try to avoid the slowness of El Camino.
Just what Menlo Park needs more cut through traffic.

Paul Hugo
Received on Tue Aug 11 2015 - 22:38:35 PDT

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