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RE: Some Comments

From: Nagaya, Nicole H <"Nagaya,>
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:07:05 -0700

Hi Mr. Eckert,

Thank you for your message. I’m glad to hear you find the Laurel and Ravenswood intersection to be improved with the changes.

We made some modifications last Monday, July 6th to the new bicycle lane striping that was installed on Santa Cruz between Johnston and Olive a few weeks ago. I hope these changes help alleviate some of your concerns. We are trying to encourage safe bicycle use around the City, but especially to Downtown and to our schools. Following the rules of the road is an important part of ensuring safe interactions for all users – including interactions between motorists, bicyclists, and people walking. Please feel free to contact me by email directly or by phone if you have a particular location that is concerning you, and we can follow up.

Thank you,

Nicole H. Nagaya, P.E.
Transportation Manager
City of Menlo Park
P: 650.330.6781
e: nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)menlopark.org

From: ddavid8211_at_(domainremoved)211_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Wednesday, July 08, 2015 3:26 PM
Subject: Some Comments


My name is David Eckert. I own a home in the Linfield Oaks neighborhood.

First, I wanted to express how happy I am with the new left turn arrow at Laurel and Ravenswood! It has made that intersection, which is a very busy one, much safer and easier to use. I also really like that cars can no longer turn right off of Ravenswood onto Alma. Again, it feels much safer now. Thank you!

Unfortunately, I'm not as happy with the new bike lanes on Santa Cruz. As a resident who loves and uses our downtown almost daily as a pedestrian, it seems to me that the addition of more bikes downtown has made it more dangerous for walkers. Bicyclists tend to not stop at stop signs, come right at you in the crosswalk, etc. In general, most of them seem to not know the rules of the road. I'm not sure what the solution to that is, but making an effort to keep bikes out of heavy pedestrian areas would seem to be a good idea.

Thank you!
Received on Mon Jul 13 2015 - 16:04:17 PDT

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