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Images of America book - Menlo Park

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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2015 20:14:33 -0400

The soon to be the Best Selling Book in Menlo Park will have a .....
Release Date..... Monday, July 6, 2015

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Janet McGovern, Reg McGovern, Betty S. Veronico, Nicholas A. Veronico

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Book Description:

Menlo Park is ideally situated on the center of the San Francisco
peninsula, benefitting from the bayside’s near-perfect weather. In the late 1800s,
the area’s temperate climate drew many of San Francisco’s elite to build
lavish summer estates in town. During World War I, the area played host to
the Army’s Camp Fremont, and when World War II came to town, Menlo Park was
home to Dibble Army Hospital. The city grew up along El Camino Real, and
its downtown retail district centers around Santa Cruz Avenue. Today, Menlo
Park is a suburban oasis of beautiful homes with a thriving business
community that incorporates a number of leading high-tech companies.

Author Bio: Reg McGovern, a longtime Redwood City Tribune photographer,
took many of the historical photographs in this book. His wife, Janet
McGovern, enjoyed a career as a reporter and communications professional and
most recently authored Arcadia Publishing’s Caltrain and the Peninsula Commute
Service. Coauthor Betty S. Veronico is a senior commercial property
manager and is the author or coauthor of four other books, including Arcadia’s
Lighthouses of the Bay Area. Nicholas A. Veronico is a science and technology
writer, and he has written extensively on local history, military, and
transportation subjects.

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