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Santa Cruz Avenue

From: domainremoved <Oliver>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 15:55:49 +0000

  6/29/15 TO:                         City of Menlo ParkCouncil membersSubject:                  Santa Cruz AvenueSidewalks project I live onHobart Street between Santa Cruz Avenue and Middle Avenue. My daily walk withmy dog takes us along Santa Cruz Avenue every early morning when we walk todown town to obtain a newspaper.  My wifeand I just returned last week from a vacation to find that Santa Cruz Avenuehas drastically changed where there is no room for pedestrian traffic to walk.The bicycle icon directs bicyclist to where I would normally walk leaving onlythe gutter to walk in where either my dog or myself is in the path of bicyclisttraffic. I understand that (and I support the need for sidewalks) and that inorder to make the sidewalk project to take place some change is required.  I would think that a complete project planwould be in place with timelines to be completed as quickly and efficiently aspossible. I looked andwas unable to find such a plan that would describe when and where the sidewalkconstruction would begin. I find it very hard to believe, but It was explainedto me that a group is working on a plan but it has yet to be completed.  And that if the utilities are to be buried onthe South side, that will take a considerable amount of time, even severalyears before construction of the sidewalks can begin. If this is so, why changethe south side directions at all at this time? I am deeplyconcerned to what the city has done so far on this project for pedestriansafety not only for myself, but for all that walk along Santa Cruz, especiallylocal students walking or bicycling to and from school. I am concerned for myneighbors that live on Santa Cruz Avenue, where will their services such asgardeners park with the Red Curb (no parking)?  Where will their guests park? Presently it is a considerable distancefor many. I fail tosee why the city would change the traffic configuration from one that is safefor all users (vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian) to one that excludespedestrians, without a plan that expedites the completion.Please consider whathas been created and either expedite the project or put Santa Cruz Avenue backto where it was. 
Thank you for yourconsideration.Ollie Brown825 HobartStreet650-324-1845orbrown_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Mon Jun 29 2015 - 08:56:17 PDT

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