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Alma is improved

From: domainremoved <Romin>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 22:26:47 +0000

I appreciate everyone's point of view on this and here's my two cents:

The lack of a right turn onto Alma has reduced the number of times I have seen cars backed up onto the tracks. I also think that right turn was dangerous given the number of pedestrians and cyclists there and the natural tendency for a driver turning right onto Alma to feel rushed by the car behind them crossing the tracks. Cars cutting off pedestrians as they were stepping into the crosswalk was a routine occurrence there.

Of course, cars still back up when pedestrians cross Ravenswood, so, in my view, the problem has gotten better, but not gone away completely.

I also believe there is less cut-through traffic in our neighborhood overall, but more traffic on Laurel. I suspect that some portion of the commuters that would have used Alma to cut through LO to Willow do not bother using Laurel (thinking, once at Ravenswood and Laurel, why not go all the way to Middlefield Rd.?).

Ultimately, IMO, the old system was dangerous; the new system is less dangerous and we need a better idea eventually.


Romin Thomson, Menlo Park resident
Received on Thu Jun 25 2015 - 15:24:09 PDT

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