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Re: A request during the trial of Alma closure

From: domainremoved <Kristin>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2015 17:37:53 +0000

Dear all,
I sent this note on June 4th and I have not received any response, nor have I observed any additional data collection or police presence on Laurel Street. There continues to be a significant increase in traffic, speeding, and running of stop signs on Laurel Street. In addition, the Laurel/Ravenswood intersection feels even more dangerous than it was before as impatient drivers swerve around left-turning vehicles to cross and continue straight on Laurel heading toward Burgess/Willow Road. Unfortunately, I have even observed three police cars make this move, yet I believe this is an illegal move? Additional enforcement there would be much appreciated as well. Could you kindly reply with your thoughts and intentions?
With gratitude,Kristin Geiser
  From: Kristin Geiser <kristingeiser_at_(domainremoved)
 To: "nsmariano_at_(domainremoved)
 Sent: Thursday, June 4, 2015 12:12 PM
 Subject: A request during the trial of Alma closure
 Dear City Manager and MPPD,
As a long-time resident (almost 14 years) on Laurel Street in Menlo Park, I would like to express a serious concern and request your assistance.
While we are experiencing this trial period of closing Alma to right turns from Ravenswood, there is already and will continue to be a significant increase in traffic on Laurel Street between Ravenswood and Willow Road as drivers seek new routes to move between El Camino Real and Middlefield or Hwy 101. Laurel is already a pretty heavily traveled road, and our daily observations tell us that many cars cruise Laurel at speeds above the speed limit and roll at varying speeds - often at full speed - through the stop signs at Sherwood Way.
As traffic increases with drivers who may not be used to (and may also be frustrated by the slowing function of) the speed bumps and stop signs on Laurel, we are already noticing that cars are zipping down Laurel without any regard for the stop signs. As Laurel is heavily traveled by children on bikes, scooters, elderly folks walking with canes, etc. I am very concerned about the safety of everyone involved during this experiment.
My request is twofold:1. Please patrol Laurel with greater vigilance during this trial period. My guess is that if drivers, particularly morning and afternoon/evening commuter drivers, know that the police are serious about the speed limit and stop signs on Laurel, then we may be able to cultivate good and safe driving habits. If folks are allowed to do what they have already started doing, without any checkpoints, I'm afraid this will become a dangerous situation.
2. Please capture the data regarding the number of cars traveling Laurel, and, if possible, their speeds. If we are to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of this trial period, I think we need to collect the data that we will need to make a wise decision going forward, which, I believe, should include data on the ripple effect of this street closure (e.g., are we creating dangerous conditions in other areas?).
One more note on this - Given that M-A high school is out today and MPCSD schools are out next week, it does not feel wise to assess the next three months as "typical" months of traffic flow through Menlo Park. Summer traffic is quite different than school year traffic... I strongly advise the counsel to not rush to any decisions on this experiment until we are well into the fall academic year.
Thanks so much for your help and for considering my requests for your help.
Respectfully,Kristin Geiser

Received on Fri Jun 19 2015 - 10:34:35 PDT

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