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Barriers on Ravenswood Ave.

From: domainremoved <Craig>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2015 23:01:12 -0700

Regarding the new barriers on Ravenswood Ave.

It would seem you have made the problem worse instead of better.

By blocking the ability to make a right-hand turn onto Alma all traffic is now being forced to Laurel St. making the congestion worse.
Also, blocking left turns onto Noel Dr. compounds the issue. Yes -- it was annoying people were using Noel to make U-turns but blocking it increases the congestion between Alma and Laurel.


— Don’t block right-hand turns onto Alma. (Did no one do a traffic flow assessment before coming up with this plan?!?)
— If you are going to block traffic from turning onto Noel then you need to extend the left-hand turn lane all the way back to Noel and in addition consider adding a left-hand turn signal to the lights at Laurel.
— If you remove the barrier from blocking turns onto Noel you need to paint a “Keep Clear” area on the road (Should have had this years ago)
— Move the cross walk at Alma down to Noel if you really want to improve the risk of people stopping on the tracks.

I haven't done any research but it would seem in this day and age there should be pressure sensors on the crossing that active when the crossing gate comes down to detect and alert trains that there is something in the crossing.

Thank you!


Craig D. Weber | 1080 Noel Dr Apt 10 | Menlo Park CA 94025 | 650.575.2850
Received on Wed Jun 17 2015 - 22:58:24 PDT

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