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Traffic on Ravenswood

From: domainremoved <Kathleen>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 22:25:27 -0700


My husband and I live on Oak Grove Avenue in Menlo Park. We wanted to share our experience with the re-directed traffic on Ravenswood and the closing of access to Alma from Ravenswood. We own a business at 700 El Camino and my husband travels on Ravenswood every day. While we appreciate the effort to create a safer railroad crossing, we do not believe that the current experiment is working. In fact, it appears less safe as driving is more congested at the pedestrian crossing because nobody can turn right on Alma. With the extension of the barrier past Noel and Ravenswood merging into one lane, the traffic on Ravenswood has become a bigger nightmare than it was before the current experiment. Drivers are more frustrated and are getting more aggressive and irritable.

The city needs to develop a bold plan to create an underpass or overpass with respect to the railroad tracks at Ravenswood if it intends to keep up with the development and growth in the El Camino corridor, Facebook, and new hotels. Willow Road also needs to be extended to cross El Camino. We need better infrastructure to handle all of the proposed growth. And in the meantime something needs to be done about this misguided experiment on Ravenswood.

Thank you for your consideration.

Concerned citizens,

Kathleen Cattani and Mark Gallagher

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