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ECR bike lanes -- Yes

From: domainremoved <John>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 03:32:11 +0000

Council members:
I support better bicycle access alongEl Camino Real not only in Menlo Park, but for its entire route alongthe Peninsula. Better access can be accomplished by converting theexisting parking lane to a bike lane or cycle-track. I have nopreference between the two; both have their advantages anddisadvantages. Buffered bike lanes are easier to engineer as theydon't require special phases for traffic lights. Cycle-tracks areprobably more appealing to the novice, or 'traffic-adverse' cyclist.
By providing better bike access alongECR, it allows people to ride their bikes and shop at the storesalong ECR. In addition, especially as neighboring towns providebetter bike access in the future, ECR provides a simple, through-going, north-southroute on the Peninsula. Current north-south access for bike tends tobe a hodge-podge of side streets that are not continuous. Even thoughmost cyclists accept the chore of linking a series of residentialstreets to ride as they commute to work or run errands, learningthese routes takes considerable time and patience. These individualroutes are learned by reading maps (or following Google instructions)and reading streets signs to avoid becoming lost; this can befrustrating to the non-dedicated bike rider. Instead, if ECR becomesa 'bicycle friendly' route, it can provide a simple means forcyclists to traverse the Peninsula, and if need be, stop and shopalong the way.
I urge you to vote Yes in support of bike lanes on ECR

Thank you, John Langbein
US Geological Survey employeeRedwood City resident
Received on Sun Jun 14 2015 - 20:28:51 PDT

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