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Alma/Ravenswood intersection

From: domainremoved <Brooke>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2015 10:13:02 -0700

I am writing to you to express my sincere concern regarding the
Alma/Ravenswood traffic experiment. Please make it stop. It is dangerous,
disruptive, and not the answer for the problem at hand. You have forced
hundreds of more cars onto Ravenswood and Laurel, neither of which is
equipped to handle that increased flow. Unlike Alma, which is a yellow
lined, divided road with wide space for bike paths on both sides and a
separate walking bath, Laurel is not. What you have created is downright
dangerous. As a bike commuter and one who bikes around town, the change of
flow on Ravenswood almost killed me and my family on Friday. The influx of
cars could not fit into one lane and were spilling into the bike bath, thus
cutting off bikers. Cars are now aggressively turning right and bolting
down Laurel, which is a popular route for children on bikes returning from
school and the park. The once quiet street in front of the pool and park,
where children cross the street, is now a veritable highway. It is a
horrible accident waiting to happen. Please make it stop.

As a community we all agree, I am sure, that the Alma/Ravenswood
intersection needs safety improvements. However this is not the answer.
The change in traffic flow is intended to decrease the number of cars stuck
on the tracks. According to the transportation committee, the data
collected tracking the number of cars stuck highlighted 3 main triggers -
but the right turn on to Alma by itself was not one of them. Only when a
car was attempting to turn right, and was stopped by a pedestrian in the
Alma crosswalk, was traffic interrupted. Therefore, would it not be easier
to address the Alma crosswalk (I am not referring to the Ravenswood
crosswalk - that is an obvious other issue) rather than forbidding a right
on Alma and rerouting hundreds of cars down Ravenswood and across Laurel.
This has been an acknowledged as a quick and inexpensive fix to the
underlying problem by council members. But quick and inexpensive does not
mean it is right. Ultimately the safest consideration will be a traffic
light, timed with the station and El Camino which would allow pedestrians
to safely cross Ravenswood and prevent cars from stopping on the tracks.
But that is another discussion. For now, let us address this newly created
dangerous situation.

There is absolutely no way this should become a permanent change to traffic
flow. And I implore you to reconsider the six month trial. Our community
does not need six months of worsening pedestrian safety, traffic
congestion, and dangerous biking conditions to prove that this is not the
Received on Fri Jun 12 2015 - 10:10:14 PDT

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