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Re: [Vision2020MenloPark] PA Daily News on McIntyre's contract

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2015 09:37:53 -0600

It was a done deal before the Council meeting ever took place. Tail wagging
dog, with huge political spin and trust continues to crumble; and the
divide deepens - all with Emperor has no clothes reasoning with a cover-up
of Bad Behavior and No Accountability.

When did we sell to the highest bidder instead of creating higher purpose?
Duboc, Winkler? Wet with developer interests, trying to accomplish what
their council FAILED to do? *We need super, smart, progressive,
FUTURE_THINKING GROWTH! *Start by solving the water issues (without giving
our ground water to a private country club,) and Cal Trans with traffic,
then developers, then crazy sq. ft must deliver qualitative public benefit.
Instead of a plaza with three lanes of cars and a bike tunnel that will
truly never happen without raising or lowering the dangerous train tracks.

This City is ass-backwards with idiotic 'community' focus group spinning
one stupid development after another while the train tracks stay the same,
nice trees line El Camino with impending 5 story buildings with little
setback and gridlock growing ever worse.

We need smarter people at the helm. Not just people who grab photo ops.,
cover-up misdoings, and are short-sighted when it comes to real livability
and managing/solving problems. And the backroom meetings with Stanford and
developers must stop or have compete transparancy.

Let's change this conversation; not pay them more money we don't have. Wait
- development dollars will take care of the budget!

How's that for public benefit?

> Former mayors say he misused funds
> * Daily News Staff Writer*
> Despite having to listen to some unflattering comments, City Manager Alex
> McIntyre walkedoutofTuesdaynight’s City Council meeting with a 9 percent
> pay raise.
> The council voted 4-1, with Ray Mueller dissenting, to increase McIntyre’s
> annual salary to $217,500 through March 2017. Mc-Intyre was hired in
> February 2012 for $199,000 a year and his contract expired three months ago.
> Under the new contract, the city also will add $7,500 to the $9,500 it
> currently contributes to McIntyre’s retirement fund. And it will pay him an
> additional $802.14 per month ­ an amount equal to what he would have
> received toward his health insurance premium had he not elected to be
> covered by his partner’s plan instead, City Attorney William McClure said.
> Not everyone agreed Mc-Intyre deserved a contract extension and salary
> increase.
> Former mayors Jack Morris, Heyward Robinson, Mary Jo Borak and Steve
> Schmidt sent an email to the council May 18 blasting McIntyre’s decision to
> hire communications consultant Malcolm Smith without the council’s input.
> They criticized him for misusing city funds to launch a campaign against
> Measure M, which sought to limit office development downtown, and for
> withholding information from the community.
> When the issue came to light last November, Mc-Intyre countered that Smith
> was paid more than $5,000 to produce talking points, news releases and
> information for the city’s website about the El Camino Real/Downtown
> Specific Plan, not to lobby. “It is implausible that the city would work
> with Smith for the entire campaign season and pay invoices for work that
> was, as McIntyre told the Palo Alto Daily News, ‘overreaching and a full on
> campaign,’ ” the former mayors wrote. “There is a question of McIntyre’s
> integrity that the council should not ignore.”
> For his part, McIntyre told The Daily News: “I know that I did nothing
> wrong. Sadly, some members of the community simply refuse to accept that.
> The staff has rallied behind me on this as they too know that we did
> nothing wrong.”
> Robinson urged the council Tuesday night to explain its reason for
> extending McIntyre’s contract and offering him more money.
> “I think you owe us an explanation,” he said. “There have been a lot of
> questions about a lot of the actions that have happened over the past year
> with regard to hiring Mr. Smith, which apparently none of the council
> members knew about, with the things that were done toward Measure M that
> were not in the public view ... that we didn’t find out about until late,
> late in the campaign.”
> Vice Mayor Rich Cline said that after carefully reviewing McIntyre’s
> actions and performance he saw no evidence “malfeasance” or anything
> illegal or “nefarious.” On the other hand, he acknowledged, “I do believe
> that there was a serious lack [of] communication, particularly with the
> mayor who meets most frequently with the city manager about those things …
> [But] I did not see or find any evidence that there was use of those
> [written] materials.” McIntyre has said that although Smith did draft some
> op-eds and talking points, they were never because of their anti-Measure M
> tone.
> Council members heaped praise on McIntyre for hiring strong candidates
> across the city’s departments, including public works, finance and police.
> Mayor Catherine Carlton said mistakes end up making headlines but good job
> performance doesn’t always get noticed.
> Councilman Peter Ohtaki said the salary raise reflects McIntyre’s role as
> the “CEO of a 250-person organization.”
> Mueller said he considers McIntyre “immensely talented” but is concerned
> about his “fiscal philosophy and some of the errors that were made during
> [his] term as mayor ... .”
> “It’s a credit to his professionalism that I am able to vote no tonight
> and realize that we’re still going to be able to work together,” he noted.
> McIntyre said in an interview before the meeting that his priorities
> include hiring more employees because “development pressures continue to
> mount here, as does the need to tackle a number of major capital projects,
> and the city will need to responsibly respond to that pressure.”
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