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Alma and Ravenswood

From: domainremoved <John>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 20:29:21 -0700

I just returned from a couple of weeks out of town. I use the Arrillaga
gym 5 days a week (more when my daughter has activities there). Wow. No
right turn onto Alma, heading east on Ravenswood? So to get to the gym
parking lot (or library parking or baseball/soccer parking, etc) I now have
to drive all the way around on Laurel to Burgess to Alma and back up toward

I'm assuming this was done in reaction to the tragic accident earlier this
year when a motorist got stuck on the tracks. I understand the desire to
try to improve that intersection, but this "solution" is a really poor idea:

1. Increases traffic on four road segments, including the busy Laurel and
nearby neighborhood impacts.
2. Adds over a mile (round trip) to EVERY trip by every parent (from the
west side, anyway) or visitor to the library/gym/sports field if they want
to park on the Alma side. Shouldn't we be reducing the miles people drive?
3. Makes it REALLY confusing for anyone not familiar with our streets who
is trying to get to the library or any of those sports facilities (the
parking lot off Laurel is further away and very often full)
3. Will cause frustration/traffic issues especially during the school year
when all those parents are rushing to try to get to their child's
basketball or volleyball or other program.

This is not a good idea, especially for those of us who really use those
facilities off Alma.

Turning right onto Alma off Ravenswood may occasionally cause a slight
backup, but the real issue is the crosswalk on Ravenswood, i.e. traffic
that is going STRAIGHT, not the traffic turning right.

The death on the tracks was truly tragic, but I ask you to reconsider this
over-reaction and, in my opinion, ill-conceived "solution."

Thanks for considering this input.

John Boyle
Received on Mon Jun 08 2015 - 20:25:55 PDT

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