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RE: Menlo Park Bear Gulch customers

From: Quirion, Jesse T <"Quirion,>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2015 08:09:13 -0700


I understand that you received an email with detailed responses to your questions from Calwater.

It would require agreements from both agencies as well as a significant financial investment from the Menlo Park Municipal Water District (MPMWD) beyond just purchasing tanks and water, for the MPMWD to serve customers in Menlo Park currently served by Calwater and that is not an investment that the Water District is equipped to make.

If you have further questions you are welcome to contact me or our water hotline at 650-330-6750

Jesse T. Quirion
Director of Public Works
City of Menlo Park
E: jtquirion_at_(domainremoved)
P: 650-330-6744

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From: Janice Sutphin [mailto:janicemsutphin1800_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2015 4:47 PM
To: _CCIN; Lowe, Pam H; Mariano, Nicole S; McIntyre, Alex D; bwood_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: Menlo Park Bear Gulch customers

My address is 1800 Doris Drive and I am a Bear Gulch customer. We successfully reduced our average water usage in 2014 by about 18% through various measures. Unfortunately because we are included in the high usage Bear Gulch Water District, our reduction starting June 1, 2015 is 36%.

I have been following the news and spoken several times to Cal Water Service managers, Almanac reporters, and MP City employees. My greatest interest at this point is in being treated as other MP water customers with a 20% targeted water usage reductions.

I contacted Cal Water Service and asked how Menlo Park Bear Gulch customers could become Menlo Park City Water District customers. They stated that the Menlo Park City Water District would have to buy the tanks that supply Menlo Park’s Bear Gulch customers and then buy the water that stocks those tanks from the same source as they do now. They suggested that this is a matter for the City Manager and City Council discussion. I think that the 450 residences in MP that are in the Bear Gulch District would be interested in having the same reductions as the rest of the City and be in the very same water system as most of the City. I would like the City Council and City Manager to discuss the MP City Water District buying the Menlo Park portion of the Bear Gulch district. Would you advice me how this discussion can proceed?

I also learned from Cal Water Service that they were trying to get the Menlo Park Bear Gulch customers excluded from the rest of Bear Gulch’s 36% reductions and instead have the same reductions as the rest of the City of Menlo Park. I think that this request has to go the the California State Water Resources Control Board. It is unclear if indeed this request was made. Do you know anything about this second matter?

Thank you for your kind attention,
Janice Sutphin

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