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Alex McIntyre

From: domainremoved <Ana>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2015 19:31:02 -0500

Dear Council Members
I share the concerns of the four mayors below about this candidates activity and the high salary he is getting regardless of his inappropriate actions taken in regards to transparency and document retentions.
Ana Thompson
Menlo Park Resident

Please consider the following concerns before voting on the renewal of the City Manager's contract.

Alex McIntyre hired a political consultant (Malcolm Smith) and signed a contract and worked with Smith from March 3, 2014 through August 2014 without advising any council member. The council's only authorization regarding Measure M was to hire Lisa Wise Associates to analyze the terms of the Initiative.

Alex McIntyre admitted to the Palo Alto Daily Post and the Almanac that he violated the City's document rentention ordinance when he threw away documents created by the hired political consultant.

For three months Alex McIntyre withheld documents requested through a Public Records Request by a former council member. As of today, the City continues to withhold documents requested via the California Public Records Act.

Alex McIntyre strategically chose October 31, 2014, four days before the election as the day to produce Malcolm Smith invoices to the City. Only then did the Council and the public learn of the hiring of Malcolm Smith.

Alex McIntyre again strategically chose November 5, 2014 the day after the election to produce the March 5, 2014 contract with Smith and a March 19, 2014 Amended Scope of Work.

Alex McIntyre produced an Amended Scope of Work to Smith's Contract dated March 19, 2014 that was not signed by any employee of the City or Malcolm Smith despite the expressed requirement in the March 3, 2014 (#11 Merger Clause, "All subsequent modifications shall be in writing and signed by the City.")

If Smith did agree to the reduced March 19 Addendum Scope of Work, why did he continue to perform work (letters to editors, create strategy, create content for Almanac Online, draft opinion pieces, write op-ed pieces, create "fact of Week" documents) as described in the earlier March 5 contract?

Why did the City Staff permit Smith to perform work not in the Amended March 19Scope of Work?

Why did the City pay Smith for work McIntyre claims he rejected because said work was "a full on campaign, inappropriate, overreaching and unnecessary?

The City has refused to produce what it perceives as "draft" work product by Malcolm Smith. However, the City Council has the authority to require Smith to produce his "drafts" to the Council so the Council may understand the nature of the work for which Smith was paid. It is clear that Smith's work product clearly met the description in the executed March 5 Scope of Work.

Also attached to this email is Alex McIntyre's email to Heyward Robinson on Nov 5, 2014, one day after Measure M lost. Only then did McIntyre produce the March 5Contract and Exhibit A between the City and Smith plus the March 19, 2014 Addendum Scope of Work. This delay shows a clear intention to stonewall Mr. Robinson until a time when Measure M would be settled. In August 2014 Robinson began his requests for documents under the California Public Records Act, months before McIntyre revealed the fact he hired a consultant.

It is implausible that Malcolm Smith would ignore the March 19 Addendum Scope of Work and perform the very tasks outlined in the March 3 Scope of work.

It is implausible that the City would work with Smith for the entire campaign season and pay invoices for work that was as McIntyre told the Palo Alto Daly News,"overreaching and a full on Campaign." There is a question of McIntyre's integrity that the Council should not ignore.

Jack Morris, Former Mayor of Menlo Park

Heyward Robinson, Former Mayor of Menlo Park

Mary Jo Borak, Former Mayor of Menlo Park

Steve Schmidt, Former Mayor of Menlo Park



Ana Thompson
President, Barberry Hill Advisors
LinkedIn Profile<https://www.linkedin.com/pub/ana-thompson/1/2a1/7aa>
Received on Tue Jun 02 2015 - 17:28:07 PDT

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