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SCA sidewalks and parking

From: domainremoved <Lisa>
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 00:29:19 -0700

Dear Council members,
I live at 1060 Santa Cruz Ave. I was quite pleased with the motion passed regarding the SCA sidewalks a few months ago as I thought it reached a good compromise. However, I now see on the Nextdoor site that some people are agitating for having parking restored on SCA between Johnson and Windsor and for removing the center turn lane. Because there is only a finite amount of space to use for all the competing uses such as sidewalks, bike lane, driving lanes and center turn lane, I support removing parking on the North side to make room for a sidewalk and bike lane while maintaining the center turn lane. I find that the center turn lane is indispensable for exiting and entering my driveway by car or bike as traffic is rarely clear in both directions at the same time. I also believe that without a center turn lane that impatient drivers will use the bike lane to get around vehicles waiting to make a left turn. I believe that safe sidewalks and bike lanes should take precedent over parking. As to the argument that gardeners, contractors and guests won't have anywhere to park, our property and many of our neighbors' properties either have semi-circular driveways or parking in the rear as we do to accommodate these vehicles. I also believe that church-goers will be able to find parking on side streets even if it is a block or so further from the churches. In fact, I believe that a safe sidewalk and bike lane might encourage more people to walk or bike downtown instead of driving. Therefore, I respectfully request that you as council members do not reverse the decision to remove parking along the north side of SCA.


Lisa McPherson
Received on Sun May 31 2015 - 00:26:18 PDT

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