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Thank you for a thoughtful business analysis

From: domainremoved <Erin>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 09:47:54 -0700

Cherise Brandell, Community Services Director,

Noreen Bickel, Recreation Coordinator, and

City Council Members

Thank you for listening to my questions regarding the upcoming Burgess pool
lease extension during last week’s city council meeting. One of the points
I raised was to ask if the analysis that was done on negative impacts of
imposing the 35% surcharge on Menlo Swim and Sport’s programming could be
made publicly available. I also asked why the findings of that analysis
were not extended to other recreational programs / small businesses. In
response, Director Brandell responded that the second largest program
provider, Kuk Sool, a large martial arts program that holds classes at the
Burgess Recreation Center, has recently been allowed to enter into a one
year service delivery model that would enable Kuk Sool to avoid imposing
the 35% surcharge. In the previous year, Kris Quintana, owner of Kuk Sool
of Menlo Park, had appeared before the Parks and Recreation commission to
describe how the surcharge had resulted in the loss of 52 students. The
end result was less revenue for her and the city.

I have had time to review the staff report (#15-015 dated January 27th,
2015), and I would like to commend Community Services for working with a
great community partner and small business to develop a creative solution
that works. While the one year agreement stands to serve as a “test run”,
the city stands to gain a predictable and guaranteed amount of revenue
(more than what it was previously receiving), Ms. Quintana is better able
to sustain and grow her business, and local children/ families are better
able to afford to participate.

Thank you for looking closely at the problem, doing a thorough analysis,
and making this a win for all parties. I encourage you to continue to
assess areas where the 35% surcharge might have a negative impact on
potential city revenue. I congratulate you on taking this on.

Erin Glanville

Menlo Park
Received on Sat May 09 2015 - 09:43:57 PDT

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