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Santa Cruz sidewalks

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 09:04:43 -0600

Dear council, I've seen several references to community outreach regarding sidewalks on Santa Cruz but cannot find mention on the city website, not even in the part called "Santa Cruz Sidewalks" As a neighbor pointed out to you, this project has to be flawless. We know what the street furniture debacle looked like a number of years ago. A poorly communicated meeting (short notice and limited reach) and only one meeting - is not a good start.

Few of us nearby neighbors know the details of the design and its implications. We understand the current conditions and can help evaluate the proposed solution. Is the removal of all parking a trial (it should be)? What are the criteria for evaluation? Several adjacent streets are poorly equipped to safely accommodate additional parked cars (narrow streets without real sidewalks of their own). Where will usps and delivery/repair trucks park? A good trial would help identify intended and unintended consequences.

 I'd encourage better communications and a trial with explicitly identified decision criteria and opportunities for feedback from more than just the Santa Cruz property owners. Many of us are affected by the current conditions and will be affected by the final design and its effects beyond Santa Cruz itself.
Patti Fry

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