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From: domainremoved <Norman>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 23:43:43 +0200

I am a resident of Menlo Park since 1981. I strongly object to any changes in our cities position on HSR and the way it will go through Menlo Park. If the tracks are raised above ground level or expanded to four tracks, I believe we will destroy our feeling of a close, small community. The ground level trains already generate excessive levels of horn and engine noise. Raised tracks and more trains will make the noise level totally unacceptable. We in our city will not gain anything if changes are made to our existing position on HSR. HSR will not stop or service Menlo Park residents and we should not allow it to degrade the quality of life in our city. Either a trench or a tunnel is the only way HSR should cross Menlo Park.

Norman Scott
170 Felton Drive
Received on Wed May 06 2015 - 14:40:26 PDT

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