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RE: Caltrain safety at Ravenswood & Alma

From: domainremoved <Laura>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 00:13:20 +0000

Dear Menlo Park City Council:


In regards to the Alma/Ravenswood Caltrain-crossing, PLEASE CONSIDER ALL
commuters and users of this crossing involved - auto drivers, bicyclists,
pedestrians (residents and visitors), wheelchairs, dogs, etc. As a SRI
employee, I take Caltrain every day to and from work from Santa Clara. On
occasion, I have driven in on 280 and made my way to SRI by crossing the
tracks here - it can be a terrible bottleneck with the train tracks AND the
ped-crossing opposite of the tracks on Alma.


Ultimately, it is the residents and council of Menlo Park that will
determine the outcome of this crossing. Yet, any plan that does not consider
ALL users of this crossing does not seem to help the ultimate cause of
making the crossing safe.










Laura Rasay, MSc

s> Bioanalytical Chemistry

 <http://www.sri.com/> SRI International -
<http://www.sri.com/about/organization/biosciences> Biosciences

Menlo Park CA 94025


T| 650 859 3402

F| 650 859 3444


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