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Rail Policy Change

From: domainremoved <Elza>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 13:14:19 -0700

Dear Council Members
Yesterday I was at the crossing of Ravenswood and Alma waiting to enter
into the city grounds. The train lights were on, bells ringing and cars
waiting. When the train passed and the gates started to riseseveral cars
dashed under the gate even though the red lights were on. When a few
cars passed thegate started lowering again. One last car ducking under
the gate (30% of it already closed) crossed as the gate lowered at his
back. When this last one car cleared the rail way another train was
passing. If that last car had been hit by the train I would certainly be
in the wrong place.

Public disrespect for the train signs is the cause of incidents. I have
seen also at the corner of Encinal and the tracks a group of young
drivers swerving and passing in front of the train; red lights flashing,
bell ringing, train blowing the horn.
The city better take insurance to protect itself from imprudentoblivious
to the train signs. Accidents will occur somewhere else along the city.
The solution to raise the tracks horrible, noisy, dangerous to homes
that line the sides of the tracks.
In Europe crossings of tracks that are signaled also state CROSS ONLY
This additional sigh is inexpensive.
Elza Keet
138 Stone Pine Lane
Menlo Park
Received on Tue May 05 2015 - 13:10:52 PDT

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