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SOLO Aquatics

From: domainremoved <David>
Date: Tue, 5 May 2015 05:30:04 +0000

Dear City Council,   I saw this email and wanted to add my support and agreement to what it states.  I am also a parent in the Willows, and feel strongly about the need to keep such programs fully supported.  Many thanks for your help on this!
Best regards,David Tucker

As a parent and a Menlo Park resident, I am writing to express my concerns regarding the access SOLO Aquatics has to Burgess Park pools.    SOLO is a 501(c)3 non-profit aquatics organization serving Menlo Park and its surrounding communities for over 20 Years.  SOLO provides a program in which swimmers learn not only outstanding technique, but also self-discipline, dedication, loyalty, respect, goal setting, time management, personal success, and how to overcome setbacks effectively.  Moreover, SOLO teaches swimmers to truly love the sport.   SOLO operates a schedule using eight lanes for two hours on weekdays between 4 and 6pm and eight lanes for two hours on Saturday from 11am to 1pm.   Per contract, Menlo Swim & Sport (MS&S) runs Menlo Park city pools.  I have heard the City’s Parks & Recreation Committee is considering extending the current contract with MS&S, with the understanding that MS&S will maintain previous agreements with SOLO.    But I do not believe the previous agreements with SOLO are specific enough to guarantee sufficient accommodation to SOLO.  Specifically, during the summer months, MS&S significantly reduces lane access to SOLO Aquatics, crippling SOLO’s summer swim program.  Currently, MS&S is offering only four lanes instead of eight for SOLO’s summer weekday practice.   To ensure SOLO’s program receives adequate lane access, I would like is to see SOLO’s lane numbers, hours, and fees specified in the new MS&S contract before that contract is signed.  This should be fairly simple as MS&S has operated Burgess pool for 5 years already and should know the costs of providing lane hours.  In addition, to leave the grant of lane numbers and hours to the discretion of MS&S is a clear conflict of interest as MS&S has competing classes and is not incentivized to accommodate SOLO.   I ask the council to add a provision to the City’s contract with MS&S guaranteeing lane hours at set fees to SOLO.   Thank you for your time and consideration of my request.   ------------------------------------------  
Received on Mon May 04 2015 - 22:26:03 PDT

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