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Regarding the Menlo Swim and Sport upcoming contract-please read email

From: domainremoved <Amy>
Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 21:24:38 -0700

May 4, 2015


Dear Menlo Park City Council,


It is my understanding a new 5 year contract will be signed with Menlo Swim and Sport to operate the Burgess pool. Please take in consideration that there are other existing groups that use the pool. SOLO swim team being one of them. I am writing in concern that if MS&S have sole operation of the pool SOLO will loose their current lanes and times. We as parents are hoping that SOLO is given guaranteed lanes and hours in the upcoming contract about to be signed. Let me explain a little more why this is so important to me and many other SOLO families.


My name is Amy Nelson. My family and I have lived in Menlo Park for about eight years. One of the huge draws to moving to Menlo Park was its friendly-family environment. Menlo Park offers so much for our youth and families: great schools, clean, safe neighborhoods and many opportunities for extracurricular activities. I have a 10 year old son and an eight year old daughter. Both very involved in their school and participate in many local extracurricular activities. SOLO is one of them. My son has been swimming for SOLO for 3 years. What an incredible experience this has been for him. For a little boy who is not aggressive and feels uncomfortable playing soccer or basketball but still wants to be part of a team- SOLO was the perfect fit. A HUGE part of his love for swimming and being part of the SOLO team is Coach Tom. Tom takes the time to give every child one on one instruction, make each member feel special and valued. Tom has created a positive, fun learning environment- the swimmers enjoy every minute. Tom focuses on teaching technique, building stamina and creating a love for the sport.


Though it can be crowded at times, currently Tom has enough space (lanes) for students to build on their swimming skills. He has swimmers of all ages- young 5ís to high school he also has many swimmers that compete monthly in swim meets. In order to provide a lane for young swimmers, several lanes for intermediate swimmers and lanes for advanced swimmers we need to be able to continue to have the lanes allotted to him currently. Also keep current hours to provide time for students to travel from school to the pool.


It is my understanding that the city is considering allowing Menlo Swim and Sport to operate the space. SOLO would like to see the lane and hours specified in the new contract before signed by MS&S. It is my hope that SOLO is allowed to stay at our current location with reasonable rates. If lanes are taken away, swim practice will become crowded to the point of not allowing swimmers to have adequate space to practice strokes and build stamina. Many swimmers of varied levels would have to swim together in a single lane, and instruction would become difficult. Our swimmers need the space to learn, progress, and practice for upcoming meets. If we are forced to put 10-15 swimmers in one lane, this we are putting Menlo Parkís youth swimmers at a disadvantage for the sake of privatized profit.


On behalf of dozens of parents like me, I am asking you to allow SOLO to have fair access with fair rates. Please allow SOLO to continue to use the Burgess pool. What is the actual cost for SOLO to continue to use this space to continue to have a successful program? SOLO is a huge part of this community and SOLOs great reputation brings swimmers to the Burgess pool and not to other swimming programs outside of the city.


Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration of this matter.



Amy Nelson
Received on Mon May 04 2015 - 21:20:40 PDT

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